Pick, Pack and Despatch

Pick, Pack and Despatch

Ensuring your customers receive accurate, well-packed and attractive consignments can take time and a lot of hard work if you don’t have the appropriate expertise and systems in place.

Working with Orbital Interact will save you time and expense while offering a solution that meets your health, beauty and healthcare specific requirements. Our pick, pack and despatch capabilities range from simple, single item fulfilment to complex, multi-component consignments with variable items.

Flexible Resource

Whether your sales are seasonal or you need a partner that can accommodate growth, our resources will expand and retract in line with your needs.

Efficient Systems

Our three step fulfilment process is designed for both efficiency and accuracy. Each step is cross checked and balanced by different members of the team to minimise the risk of error.

  • Pick – we can produce several pick-lists throughout the day for optimum timely service thus delivering high efficiency but maintaining quality and care.
  • Pack – we cater for all your packaging requirements, from individual packaged items to creating complex gift boxes or salesforce sampling kits, we also have extensive experience of managing bulk orders to both trade and retail. We can tailor all packing to accommodate additional printed marketing materials or catalogues.
  • Despatch –documentation can be customised to include relevant branding. We create all carrier and postal labels and every order despatched can be followed with an email confirmation.

Your products will be watched over by our own, bespoke barcoding system which helps improve the level of accurate picks. We will also keep you up to date with what is happening with your orders with an automated email straight to your inbox every evening.

Why Choose Orbital Interact?

Here's some of the reasons our clients choose us:

  • We can tailor our systems and processes around your business.
  • We have an experienced, knowledgable team that have worked in the health, beauty and healthcare industry for years.
  • We can work with tight deadlines and last minute jobs.

To find out how Orbital Interact can save you time, money and resources get in touch with us today:

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