Salesforce Marketing Collateral

Salesforce marketing collateral

Orbital Interact currently supports a variety of field based teams with marketing collateral ranging from product literature to sales aids and from product branded merchandise to product samples. This can also be extended to support clinical paper requests from KOL’s and specialist nursing teams.

Orbital can provide your field-based staff and all customers with marketing and logistical support which can be accessed via Empower, our on-line ordering portal.

EMPOWER is our co-branded web-based ordering portal. Authorised users simply login, find the products they need from scanned images and using real time stock level information can place their order for delivery to a location of their choice.

Currently our warehouse complex operates to a high standard, allowing us to manage all internal and external requests your company has for all OTC samples.

Orbital will acquire their MHRA license by the close of 2013, and to support our clients we are also building a new clean room with the following features:-

  • Temperature controlled
  • Key code entry
  • POM, P and GSL product storage

Empower is accessed via our online portal, alternatively it can be electronically linked to our customer contact centre and our experienced operators will ensure that your orders are processed and despatched quickly and accurately.

Orbital Interacts solutions are bespoke so every client we work with is able to retain their brand integrity; both with internal personnel and external customers.

We also are also able to offer our customers a wide range of marketing services, for more information please visits  They pride themselves on:

  • Effective communication with HPC
  • Helping you communicate with patients
  • Supporting you marketing campaigns

To find out how Orbital Interact can save you time, money and resources get in touch with us today:

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