Regulations and Compliance

Orbital are committed to supporting all their clients and their business growth by understanding / implementing and remaining compliant with all regulations where appropriate. We operate a quality management system that is ISO accredited.

ISO 9001 Accredited

  • Our quality management system is ISO accredited 
  • Covers all key processes from Goods-in to the communication of transport regulations to relevant employees
  • Where appropriate, specific client requirements (i.e. your own SOP’s) are incorporated


  • MHRA license – target completion by close of 2013
  • We have been classed as the lowest scale on risk based inspection and are only inspected every 7 years.
  • Upcoming operational developments - introduction of Clean Room environment.
  • Storage for OTC, POM, P and GSL products


  • Clear understanding of compliance – Orbital have staff who have spent many years working within healthcare
  • Supporting compliance - From opt-in only contact with HCP to restrictions surrounding contact with HCP
  • Flexibility and scalability to assist you by managing a full materials withdrawal process

We also are also able to offer our customers a wide range of marketing services, for more information please visits

  • Effective communication with HPC
  • Helping you communicate with patients
  • Supporting you marketing campaigns

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